The 2nd Annual Splatter Dash is Thursday, September 15th!


Sawnee PTA does an annual fundraiser that uses money collected to donate to school specific projects and needs.

In previous years, we have used the funds generated from fundraisers to renovate the media center, add a shade cover to one of the playgrounds, issue teacher grants to be applied toward classroom needs along with other projects throughout the year. Last year we installed a new playground which students were able to enjoy shortly after our fundraising event. The teachers were able to keep 10% of their classrooms proceeds to apply towards classroom needs.

This year we are raising money for technology advancements and to facilitate the startup of an empowering program called “The Leader in Me”. The availability of these advancements and new programs are necessary to remain competitive in a constantly evolving system. The teachers will retain 10% of what their classrooms raise to assist in satisfying needs through the school year.

The Sawnee PTA depends on the help of our school family and community.  Please help us reach our goal of $40,000. Last year we far exceeded the goal, let’s do it again, we are counting on you!

Thank you parents, students, teachers and community for all you do to support Sawnee Elementary!

2016 – 2017 Event Calendar

 12th- Board Meeting, 8:30am
 26th- Volunteer and Room Mom Breakfast, 8:30am

 2nd- Splatter Dash Kick-Off
 9th- Board Meeting, 8:30am
 13th- General Public Meeting/Classroom Chief, 6:30pm
 15th- Splatter Dash Run
 30TH- Reflections Entries Due

 3rd Custodian Appreciation Day
 14th- Board Meeting, 8:30am

 11th- Board Meeting, 8:30am
 15th- General Public Meeting/Classroom Chief, 6:30pm

 9th- Board Meeting, 8:30am

 10th- General Public Meeting/Classroom Chief, 6:30pm
 13th- Board Meeting, 8:30am
 TBD- Mother and Son Event @ Stars and Strikes

 3rd- Father Daughter Dance @ Lanier Tech Ballroom
 6th- Counselors Appreciation Day
 10th- Board Meeting, 8:30am

 10th- Board Meeting, 8:30am
 13-17th Teacher Appreciation Week
 14th- General Public Meeting/Classroom Chief, 6:30pm

 14th- Board Meeting, 8:30am
 26th- Administrative Professional Day
 28th- Spring Fling

 1st- Nutrition Appreciation Day
 2nd- Nurse Appreciation Day
 5th- Honoring Volunteer’s Breakfast, 8:30am
 9th- General Public Meeting/Classroom Chief, 6:30pm
 12th- Board Meeting, 8:30am

Box Tops 2016-2017

box topsIncrease goal to $6500 from a total of $4000 in 2015-16.

Increase student participation with class contests. A winning class for each building, contests ending Oct 14, Feb 10 and May 12. Parties to be held within 3 weeks of contest ending. Winning teachers will win gift cards and a portion of funds raised will go to winning teacher “wish lists”. Classes will win Chick-fil-a parties*.

Teachers collect Box Tops from class and continue to turn in as frequently as possible. Box Tops Chair will collect and tally per teacher throughout contest. Teachers can help by adding reminders for Box Top contest to their weekly newsletters.

Box Tops will only count towards totals if they have a legible and current expiration date.

*Class prize may vary